Death by Inheritance

Eighty-three year old Silas F. Rich is throwing his annual Winter Blahs party. His son, daughter and in-laws are attending but upset with "dear old dad" and his new relationship with twenty something Hermione "Chesty" Goldiga. Silas's toothpaste company has been very successful and the kids worry that any inheritance will go to his new-found love.

Cast of Characters:

  • Silas F. Rich: 83 year old industrialist plagued by galloping knee syndrome.
  • Hermione (Chesty) Goldiga: Twenty-something aspiring model and Silas's fiancee.
  • Willy Rich: Elder son of Silas and successful sanitation engineer.
  • Rosy Rich: Devoted wife of Willy and their seven children: Adam, Beth, Calib, Daniel, Esther, Francis and Gideon
  • Vera Longbottom: Silas's daughter and lawyer for the toothpaste company.
  • Norm Longbottom: Vera's husband and Doctor of Criminology
  • Irma Goodkiss: 81, going on 39, year old spinster and Silas's high school sweetheart.
  • Ripley Muscles: Owner and operator of Ripley's Believe it or Not Gym and sometimes mob "collector".
  • Detective Inspector Witless: That's pronounced Whiteless!!
  • Sergeant Sharp: Young, keen and corrects his superiors malapropisms and spoonerisms.
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