Exterminator Surprise

The Dolan Brothers are here to give a demonstration of some of the fine products from their extermination business. Their motto: "Something Bugging You? We have the solution." Unfortunately, bugs aren't the only thing to get squashed in this scenario.

The Cast of Characters:
  • Darwin Dolan: Founder and president of Dolan Brothers Extermination
  • Darryl Dolan: Darwin's older brother. Spends more time at the track than he does at work
  • Dora Dolan: The matriarch of the family
  • Violet Minelli: Darwin's girlfriend. Usually under some sort of sedation.
  • Vinnie Minelli: Violet's brother and tough mafioso
  • Stella Street: Employed by Vinnie to be Violet's "companion"
  • Myrtle Peach: Vinnie's moll
  • Father Francis Murphy: Family friend and consummate Irish priest
  • Harri Steele: Tough-nosed undercover RCMP investigator.
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