Micro Mayhem

Gill Bates, president and founder of Micro-Shaft Inc. is here to promote his new book "The Trail Forward" and the latest edition of the computer operating system Doors '98. Gill's marketing practices has upset more than his competitors.

The Cast of Characters:
  • Gill Bates: Billionaire computer products company president
  • Kathy Bates: His wife and ultimate computer geek
  • Sharon Pliers: Micro-shafts project manager from hell
  • Karl (Killer) Kenosee: Gill's bodyguard. A man of few words and fewer brain cells
  • Frankie Hoffman: President of the Canadian Shrink Wrappers Union. Currently in contract dispute with Micro-shaft.
  • Paul McCarty: (nee Paul Bates) Brother of Gill and bandleader of Paul
  • McCarty and Rings.
  • Stefan Wasinski: President of Pear Computers, Micro-shafts main competitor.
  • Crystal Ball: Owner of Crytal's Psychic Hotline
  • Inspector Dudley: RCMP investigator looking into trade union wrong doings
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