One Bad Apple

The town of Crabtree Corners is having their annual celebrity apple pie bake-off. Each contestand is given a standard pie plate to ensure anonymity during judgind. There are seven finalists. As can be expected, one of the apple pies causes a certain amount of "physical distress" to one of the characters to the point that they are rendered "life-signs challenged". The difficulty for the investigator arises from the fact that the apple pies are indistinguishable from the each other. Attending the bake-off are:
  • Margaret MacIntosh: President of Crabtree Corners Regional Apple Producers (CCRAP)
  • Johnny Chapman: Vice President of CCRAP and official taste tester.
  • Reverend Al Crumble: Former army Chaplin. Rumoured not to have had an “honourable” discharge.
  • Doris Yamaha: Environmentalist, received a doctorate in Science specializing in environmental studies from the University of Guelph
  • Jennifer Felcher, Mystery Writer: A real busybody and tells everyone what they should do.
  • Police Chief Cecil Cider: Don tries to do right by his friends and sees nothing wrong in "fixing" parking tickets. He's a real red-neck conservative.
  • Mayor Gertrude Smith (Grannie to some). She is a real concerned politician with a big smile and a warm handshake.
  • Peyton Place Ex-Wife Paula Red: has won this event for the past nine years and expects to win again.
  • Conrad White, Newspaper Editor: "Connie" is editor and publisher of The Crabtree Chronicles and sometimes offends his readers with his liberal views
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