Rock on to the Olympics

The Rocking Chair Association is attempting to have rocking entered as a sport in the next Olympics. The RCA has hired Henry Grist to lobby the International Olympic Committee and so far things have been running along smoothly. Today is the final opportunity for the group to show how popular the sport is with the audience. Today we a seeing the creme de la creme of the rocking world.

Cast of Characters
  • Yuan Sanshis Ranch: Olympic official sent to judge the appeal of rocking as a sport Henry Grist: Event organizer hired by RCA to lobby the International Olympic Committee
  • John Gumm: Coach of the Gus Gryphons Rocking Team. Was a very successful rocker but switched interests to gardening
  • Eugene Bronson: Gus Gryphons competitor
  • Esther Bronson: Gus Gryphons competitor
  • Charles McNab: Abbotsford House Extreme Rockers. Believes in lots of warm up and strengthening activities
  • Alex Pratt: Abbotsford House competitor, wins at all costs
  • C. H. Pinhey: Abbotsford House competitor, excels in the Mother's rock category.
  • Chris Topley: Chair Handler responsible for keeping chairs running smoothly and in tip-top shape
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