The Legend of Sleepy Head

I.C. Bob Crane, president and CEO of Crane Pharmaceuticals and Remedies has recently awoke from a coma and is throwing a coming out party. He is convinced that one of his family or employees are responsible for delivering him into the arms of morpheus. He has hired his limousine driver and clairvoyant xx to try and expose the culprit.

The Cast of Characters:
  • I.C. Bob Crane: Ruthless industrialist, unconscionably uses employees
  • Eleanor Lake-Palmer: His wife. Plays the part of the proper business woman.
  • Katie Crain: Their daughter. She would be out to lunch if her picnic basket was full.
  • Rock Cuisine: Aspiring soft-rock star and current boyfriend of Katie
  • F.G. Daly: Corporate lawyer for CPR. Gained notoriety for his courtroom antics during his time as Queen's Council
  • Eve Garden: Bitter but brilliant chemist. Works tirelessly in the CPR labs.
  • Moe Clark: Aspiring political hope.
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