The Mystery Walk of Ages

According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles, the son of Zeus. Since this was a most auspicious event, and occurred only once every four years, everyone in ancient Greece and the surrounding area, made their way to Olympia. Many would make the trek on foot and were expected to attend at least one Olympic Games in their lifetime. The journey held as much importance as the games themselves and came to be known as “The walk that took ages”, or less literally translated “The Walk of Ages”. During the journey of 776 BC a traveler found a small diamond which he presented to one of the Olympic athletes. Since then the “Walk of Ages Diamond” has been passed down through the ages and those who received it have good fortune and honour.

The Cast of Characters:
  • Sergei Gouzenko: Ex-KGB and current CSIS agent. He has been tracking the diamond since it’s disappearance after the 1980 Moscow Olympics
  • Isadore Shamir: World’s greatest diamond dealer and campaigner against diamonds used to finance terrorism
  • Margie Kantsin : Representation artist of dubious talent
  • Emily Kelly: Light-fingered clown well know at the police station.
  • Barbara Bonds: Professional baseball player who is trying to get into the Hall of Fame.
  • Roger Balustrade : Perennial marathon also ran.
  • Martha Crocker: Cook book author.
  • Lil Darling: Socialite and serial widow.
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