The Wedding That Never Was

Along around 1931 a small group of people gathered together to witness the marriage of Effie and Lot. A bolt of lightning flashed from the sky, struck down the officiating minister and sent everyone into limbo. Every 17 years they reappear at a different wedding and, just when they think they have overcome the curse, the minister is killed again and everyone is sent back into limbo. But perhaps tonight will be different. Perhaps the minister will live long enough to perform the wedding and break the curse.

Cast of Characters:
  • Eupemia Swain: Sounds like a train when she gets excited, she huffs and puffs - the ever hopefull bride
  • Lot Singular: The groom - part time cad, part time gypsy. Sells horses of dubious origin.
  • Medusa: Jilted by Lot for a "gadge" girl and remains true to her gypsy teachings.
  • Madame Pru: The gyspy with the gold-capped tooth and Lot's grandmother.
  • Violet Gray: Eupemias Aunt who looked after the bride since her mother died and father disappeared years ago.
  • Fergus Swain: aka Sootie the Tramp. Spends a lot of time around camp fires, but has cleaned up for the wedding.
  • Folk John Henderson: Peddlar man, goes from farm to farm. People call him plain Folk
  • Brother Love: Somehow got transported from his travelling salvation show to officiate at tonights wedding.
  • Homer Watson: Delivers mail in the area and somehow knows what every letter says
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